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Thursday , March 23 2023
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Experience of Real Life

Experience of Real Life



How was the time of the day? Do remember!!!How the surrounded environment. Remember was those days, unknown emotional mind dragged and Remembered me old memories.

During school, it is noticed that there were some boys in our class. Their family was so high-class family. Their parents were mainly industrialists or a big businessman. Their income is so high and they were the very respectable man in our social condition without the exceptional person.

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Because most of the time we respect of the high-class family for their asset. We do not judge whether they are good or bad in society. We just understand that whose assets are more he is more respectable. If you have an honest or live a simple life but no more assets, you will not respectable. Cause, the entire sector is made for the rich man.

Remember, a person who is giving money for any ceremony. We select him the chief guest of the ceremony. But beside him, a famous person is a Special guest.


Are we not selecting the perfect person of the chief guest? We can…..

Today we are dividing the group of rich and poor.Rich and poor cannot mix because the social tradition is highly impacting of the rich man or rich family. They cannot think that the social poorest are a part of the social.

But when the richest go a meeting they show their loves for everyone, think that it is just fake love and it has some purpose. ‎

Honesty luxury for the poor? And what is the normal life for the rich?

Where are we? Can we not do break the inequality? Can we?

But think that,

A developing country cannot want that a developing country will be developed. They will help enough for developing country but never want it equal for their country.

Today the degradation of the values has occurred. We cannot respect each other, we just know how will be we rich? How can we increase our asset? We cannot remember of our neighbor.We can give a good lecture but cannot work for anyone. We are selfish.

We divide the high, low classes by our asset. Focuses the maturity to depend on our assets or father or grandfather asset.


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But what can we earn or achieve of our life? ‎

Honest? Love? Respect? What is? Nothing we can achieve of our life. We just increase our assets in the right or wrong way.

Think, Assets cannot give you happiness. As purification of the soul, you cannot live happily. Because just asset cannot bring happiness.



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