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Tuesday , March 21 2023
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Room No 42- Where I Passed My Hostel Life

Room No 42- Where I Passed My Hostel Life


I am Rohan. I read in class five. I enjoy so much with my school classmates. Every moment we are fun to each other. I play with them every day. All are OK. I go to school regularly and don’t forget to do my home task. My father is govt. officer and mother is a housewife. Suddenly my father was transferred from Dhaka to Khulna. Then he shifted to Khulna. One month later, some of the problem my mother also shifted to Khulna with my father. I am settling in a boarding house.

My room no is 42.I am very shocked for life alone. But after someday later I recover my loneliness to get my best roommate or classmate’s, love. Every day mom’s calling me many times with feelings. My father calling me three times a day. They send me many toys, game device, and many clothes. And when get these I am so very happy and enjoy with my roommates.

I go to school regularly and when I passed PSC in a good parents are so happy and gift me an electric guitar. I am so happy to get the guitar. My classmates and roommates are excited to see the guitar. All day guitar is my hand and I practice to playing it.Practicing one month I learn a simple of guitar from my senior brother.

In January I admitted class six and get some new friends. It’s also a new experience of my life. We are a circle and take to the new decision.One day we decide to go a picnic. We are very excited about the journey. My guitar is with me and is the best time to showing my performance.


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We showing our own self what we can do in the picnic. In the picnic, we enjoyed so much the historical place. All wish to me for playing the guitar. Girls have attracted my performance. At the evening we came back our boarding house room 42.

In 42 many times I passing my times with guitar without sleeping. I cannot forget the room 42.Because all the school time class 6-10 I was a member of the room. At midnight we are out from home and take some food in the hotel. We are enjoying in the blank road. At more after midnight come back the room and lay down to sleep.

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I fall in love with the moon and love ………..Moon is a very cute and nice girl who loves me very much. All are known the I am no heisted for the love.

She wants to be a good doctor, She listens to my song most of the time. I cannot live a day without one each other. My parents give me permission to the relation and they love Moon so much. They fixed our marriage date and next month we do it….

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Every day afternoon we passing our best moment in the lake site.

When finished 5 years I cannot know. Remember the classmates, roommates, and teachers and besides people who loves me very much, I cannot forget them ever.






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