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Saturday , March 18 2023
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Best Tips for Weight Loss

Best Tips for Weight Loss

Weight Loss means makes your body perfect and free from disease. So everybody should take a proper decision to making their life healthy and happy  by weight loss. We all want to be a happy & healthy life, but we cannot take care of ourselves, but it is very important to keep ourselves fit. If we cannot concern about our health, at a time we will suffer from it. So we must concern and take care of our health & fitness. Then we get a happy and healthy life that brings heaven.

Overweight not only waste your physical beauty but also Increases the fear of various diseases.

How can we loss our weight? how can we keep our body perfect? weight loss is the best solution for the best fitness.

Presenting yourself is an artistic subject when you do it naturally. So controls your own weight for a good fitness.

Excess weight is always a major health problem for us. We are depressed and mentally shocked by increasing the weight. It creates a bad effect on our life which we cannot hope.

It is just not only taking much food but also it is also a disease. Energy is deposited for overeating and if we cannot use it at the right time, it will make us fat.

For Reduce weight we need to enough time and effort.

No one will lower your weight. So think what you want? If you want to lose your weight, you will follow the rules and regulation.



Be careful and make your decision….


Best Tips for Losing Weight

 Excess weight

When Increase the amount of fat in the body we call it Obesity or Excess weight. In the normal human body, the stored fat is about 14 percent of the total weight. Obesity cannot be said if the weight is high.

How is it?

The main reason behind excess weight is when eating more food than the fat is not use all at a time. After finishing the body requirements, additional foods are stored in fat in our body.

 Share yourself

To reduce weight, you have to just take responsibility for yourself. You can get emotional emphasis from your partner, from friends and family members. Select some people who will give you value and listen to your opinion.

Take nutrition food

Make a new routine for your daily is remembered that you must eat enough food which includes enough calories and you eat with satisfaction. The best way is, you can select your meal chart with plant foods, such as fruits, vegetables, and fennel foods.



Hard work

You cannot reduce your weight just control food. You can walk in the morning regularly. After one week you can see the result. You make you a different people.

The purpose of body exercise to reduce weight is to burn calories. It depends on how much your body spent and how long it took to run.

It is the best tips for you that you can walk more 30 hours a week. You back home on foot and avoid the lift.

Change diet chart

You can change your diet chart and select the best chart that helps you to lose weight. You must follow the chart and practice to do.


Select your seven-day routine 

First day

Eat more fruits every day. Avoid another food without fruits.

Second day

You can choose vegetables and fruits. You cooked or raw vegetables on your meal chart.

Third day

Take enough food like as fruits or vegetables without bananas.

Fourth day

This day you can take more bananas and drink 3 liters milk.


Fifth day

Eat a small amount of lean meat and some tomatoes.

Sixth day

This day you will eat lean meat and vegetables all day. Take some fruits before taking your food

Seven day

Take the brown rice, fruit juice and all kinds of vegetables.


Take some easy exercise

You can make 7 days routine for the good exercise. Many people think that exercise means lowering the body weight, but it is not only the losing weight but also it keeps our body fit and feeling good. Exercise is most important for losing overweight.


Follow the below rules

Rules One

Every day you will wake up in the morning and walk 20+ minutes in the roadside or park. If possible you can run for 10+ minutes.

Rules Two

Follow the first rules and do some other exercise like that stretch back, neck, hands, and legs well.

Rules Three

Walk a little, step by step increase your run-up. You can take the jogging for 15+ minutes regularly. If you do this regularly you will get the exercise benefit.

Rules Four

Walking slowly sometimes. Take some easy exercise. Burn your fat from the body.

Rules Five

Stand up straight. Stretch your hands straight to the house ceiling.  Jump as fast as possible with the mass on the toes of the foot. After one minute jump, you can take rest and start again. You can jump more 10 times.

Rules Six

Lay down on the ground and do some exercise if needed to control the whole body.

It is known that excess weight is always bad for if you control that you lead the best life. Lose your weight naturally. This way is healthy and best way.


>>>Fresh fruits and green vegetables are low-calorie foods, you can take it daily.

>>>Avoid eating excess salt because it increases weight.

>>>Milk foods, such as cheese and butter, have to be avoided because they are high fat.

>>>High sugar foods, such as rice, potatoes must be eaten at controlled levels and eating wheat (flour) is to be practiced.

>>>Keep Spicy food in your home. Because they control weight. Eating honey can be started in small amounts is very helpful for our body.

Honey and lemon juice is very beneficial for those people who maintain their diet chart.


>>>Everyday plays games in the field and burns your calorie easily.

>>> Take your meal just right time.

>>> drink enough water.

>>>Go bad early and wake up early.

More Tips: Symptoms of Kidney Disease


Though if your diet charts you keep enough food like vegetables and fruits with honey and others spicy food then you recover your weight and get a good fitness & health.

So use your time properly for your diet and lead a happy life.


The End


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