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A Little Boy Orko

A Little Boy – Orko



A little boy named Orko who is only 3 years old.Orko is a boy who can touch the book and read the book picture and spelling E, B, C, D, H G…….and 11 12 1 2 3 5 7.Ha, ha, hi, hi.Orko has a daily routine and he follows the routine regularly. This is the very good job for future life. ‎

Everyday Orko wakes up in the very morning and seat his bed and thinking what can he do this time. after some moment later he takes a butter and reading with his father A, B, C and others symbol of the book work cannot write this time but he can recite the good poem and any time he tells the poem. He drawing a house but it’s really some h z b r l line ……..He wants to draw fish, cat, house, bird, Tv, and others which he sees…after reading time he does his physical exercise 10 to 15 minutes. He is laughing, jumping, running, hanging, book down etc…. Then he busy to watching TV. The cartoon is favorite’s serial of Orko.He cannot think one day without Cartoon show. He watched many of cartoon names is Gopal Vhar, Dorimon, Benthen, Meena and Raju and other all cartoons.

In the morning time finished He waits for breakfast again. But he is brushing teeth before the breakfast. Then he out of the home and play his friend in the yard. He plays more than till 12.00 am. He plays cricket, football, toys racing, guns and others child games. ‎

Orko is a sweet boy. He helps his mother some of the work, that’s not big work but he listens his mothers rule. He always positive in his childhood mind of smiling face anyone loves him from the heart.

Orko also can play the video game. He plays the game very smoothly and does big score all of the game. No doubt he will be the good player. He plays many games like as racing fever, hill climb racing, racing Moto, top speed, fruit ninja, soldier reborn, monkey flight, Dino (Cadillac’s and Dinosaurs) and others game.

He also downloads the game from Google play store. He installs the game and plays. Sometimes he deletes some game which games are feeling boring his mind. He plays his remote control car left and right …left and right. After lunchtime, he takes bath and take lunch with his mom and lay down for sleeping.

In afternoon he takes some food and going to meet his friend. He plays with his friend again till evening. They meet their personal room where much furniture is kept. This is also their playing station. ‎

In the evening he freshness himself and go to his reading room and read sometimes. Then he watching TV cartoon again and laughing to see that. And acting like as the cartoon. It is very funny all family members and they are happy with their child ORKO.Orko finishes his dinner with his father to watch the cartoon.He shares his story with his father that all day what he does at home and with his friends.

Orko is a child and maintains a good discipline to follow his routine. And this makes his success for his future life.




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