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A Real Life Story in The World

A Real Life Story-In The World

“You’ve gotta dance like there’s nobody watching,
Love like you’ll never be hurt,
Sing like there’s nobody listening,
And live like it’s heaven on earth.” 
― William W. Purkey


In the morning, Mahfuzar comes to my home. He said, that something is wrong.

What is the problem, guys?

Let’s go, class. Said that, walking the road.

Mamun and Mahfuzar are walking to the campus.

Experience of Real Life

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Mahfuzar said to Mamun that someone is waiting for Mamun.

Who? Go. If you go, you will understand.

Oh, you cannot say….No dear Mamun.

Ok.No need can go the place if you do not tell me who is someone?

Ok, A girl waiting for you to a meeting.


Know that…

Ok, now you can go.

See that not fall down….

No, no, I cannot that.

Beside the café the girl waiting for me.When she saw me he looks at behind her. I cannot see her face. ‎


Are you waiting for me?


I wanted to tell you something…

Please said Mamun.

What’s your name?

you will know later…

ok, please.why are you waiting….

please looks at me or I must go..said Mamun.

Lina comes and standup besides the tree.

when I first see you then I like you.

Will you be a good friend?

I do not want to miss you.

Thinking Mamun.

Take tea.I will be thinking the matter.

Now I want to go to my class.Please.

Mamun is walking towards the class.

Mahfuzar wanted to know what happens.


Mad.She is a mad.

Ok, Let’s go………



How are you?


Who are you?


Then how can I call you?

what are you want?

you!!!just you.want you…

Mad.Don’t fun with me.

I don’t like you.

Please stop your phone.

No, I always call you.

Why are you angry with me?

May I like you?

who can give you my phone no?

I can not tell you.

Can you meet me tomorrow?please…. stop that.I may sleep.

Ok, bye dear.

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Mahfuzar, why you give my number the girl?

Oh, she requests me..and I give it.

ok.tomorrow come home. ok bye ‎

The girl is waiting for Mamun.

Mamun comes,


how are you?

Do you know today is my birthday.

Not say how can I know that.

ok.Happy birthday to you.

Please tell me your name.

No, I tell you my name when you agree with me.

ok, Now I can go.I do not want to know your name.

please don’t call me.

She catches his hand tell not to go. I will meet you.

please said, I have no time.


Mamun is walking towards his home.

He is thinking that what the problem I fall in is.

At night The girl calls again to Mamun.

Mamun can not want to receive this call but at last, he agrees to talk…


Listen to me,

I am Jeni and I love you.

When I saw you then I loved you.

So I want you.

Tomorrow you must come ZX tea shop.

If I can not.

If you can not, you heard something wrong.

So you must come…..

Love you.


Mamun is thinking about that.The girl name Jeni, he knows.

And Jeni is a cute and beautiful girl.Her eyes are very attractive.when she smiles, how to looks it.get  an awesome feeling.

Why am I thinking about Jeni, Am I fall in love with Jeni?

Cannot understand.

Sleeping does not come his eyes, he thinks just Jeni and Jeni…


When he slept he cannot remember.

He is ready to meet with Jeni as fast as.

He takes some red roses for Jeni.

First, he agrees to meet with Jeni for Love Attraction.

The heart will be up and down and he is happy to remember Jeni’s dream.

After sometimes later, Mamun arrived in the Tea shop.

Looks him very upset. What is he looking?

Does Jeni forget her promise?

Mamun said, what is your problem,

What am I looking?Jeni….tell me….

Jeni silent and smile…..

Why are you doing that? Why….

Can you love me Mamun…..

I came to you for love. And you cheat me.

Why have you broken my heart?

Oh, no No more.srop…. ‎


It was a joke. I love you Mamun.

Then Mamun understands all the matter. And keep a hand with Jeni.

Start a new love story……………………….






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