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An Unexpected Love Story

An Unexpected Love Story


 At midnight I am standing on the balcony with a cigarette. Every day I stand there and see the sky. This day is different for me. because today I married a girl. She is waiting for me at my room. Today our house is surrounded by thousands of red-blue lamps. Joy, noise, music, laughter, jokes and how much!!! very interesting. I can not see her face but know her name Sadia Zahan. How can I see her, The face of anyone else in my eyes floats! I love her very much, She also. We are so happy to get each other. There is no word to say that happiness is not tolerated on everyone’s forehead. Likewise, I am. Today, She has become the star of the sky. Every night I talk to the sky star and asks her why is going alone? May i come…. ‎
Oh, you? please come…I see her with Red Banaras, Red tip on the forehead, A lot of reddish rose with her hair bun and Legs Alta. Awesome!!!Liza also says to me that she dresses like this. Now just memories. I can not forget you. May I come?
Sure….Sorry for disturb. The night is going to dawn, can you not sleep? No, please you sleep. Why are not sleeping?
I want to tell you something. Yea, please start I love another person and cannot forget him. Good, I have no problem. You should love her!!! ‎
I can not love you, I just married you for my father’s request because I respect my father very much. Where is the lucky girl? No more, she is now a sky star. Oh no. very sad. I can not quarrel with her. haha hi hi hi ha ha hi hi ha ha………….are you laughing?
sometimes are they silent……….Let’s go to sleep. You sleep in bed and I sleep on the floor. I am astonished to foresee that Sadia sleeps on the floor. I think about Sadia. The girl is not attracted for heard my lover Liza. Will you sleep on the floor? Ym..Sleeping in one bed you should love me…The next day I again stand up on the balcony with a cigarette. Sadia comes to near me. She says something to me…..She says that she needs one month to live together then she leaves me. She says that If love does not exist, I will want with you. I want to go… your wish…I want to live with my Sky star Liza.


Life Today


Love!!! The Best Relationship All Over The World

Day by day, The more I see the more I like Sadia. I ask myself Sadia please not go …..Go. If she gets a new life…better for her….. This one month Sadia take care of us all time.She works all the work of her own hand and brings more happiness of our family. any work can not be done without Sadia. Sadia is the golden girl of the family. Everybody loves her so much. Everyday I cheer up with her without any not know why I am feeling unhappy with Sadia. But what if I love her?maybe………can not understand, what happened…………….. ‎
at last day, Sadia is ready to go her father’s house. I can not stop him. Sadia went away. That day I cannot go my office. One month Sadia takes care of us.i am feeling lonely without her. All family members are silent and all the process of our family lose. I feel love with Sadia. Then I am going to bring her. Sadia says that he can not live without me. He loves me a lot. Then we come back our home and my family is happy for that. In the night we stand or sit our Balkanya see the sky star Liza and make a story at deep night.

It is an unexpected love story.



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