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At Mid Night Love

At Mid Night Love

“At Midnight Love, the clock strikes a poetic hour of passion and enchantment. In the embrace of the moon’s tender light, At Midnight Love, hearts entwine, stories are written, and connections deepen. Join us on a journey where At Midnight Love is not just a moment; it’s a world of romance waiting to be explored.”

Time up!!!Time up, time up…..

The exam was finished. ‎

David stands up on the railing and waiting for Emma Watson.

Hello, David, How are you?

Fine. How about your exam….

Well, reply Emma.

Can we take coffee?

Yea said Emma…of course., said David to touch Emma.

Will go home now?

No, I am passing time with you till midnight then go home.

Give your hand, I will want a kiss ………

You are very naughty; please tell me how about your exam Dear…

Exam off. I do not attend the exam.

Why? You not…

Yesterday I worked hard and cannot wake up.

And …..

Oh, shit..Sorry can I must call you in the morning…

Take coffee, please…

Please sit in the corner of the building. ‎

This is the place can you remember that we first meet in the midnight.

Yes. I remember that you were addicted highly and lay down this place though you cannot able to stand up.

Yea. I ejected of your hand, though you saved me very carefully and took my home after calling a doctor.Ha-ha-ha ha…..hi hi hi…………..

Then we are the good friend.Just good friend….Oh no; you are my best friend, said, Emma.

Please seat near me, please ….Ok baby in the reply with the eye of David….

I want you, David, in my life..please come to near me….

Please huge me for a long time, kiss me, touch me…I don’t forget you ever.Please love me……………..

You are a mad…I cannot do that this time.

Please come to near me I want to kiss you, said Emma….

Emma excited and kisses David for a long time.

They are huge and meet their heart that they are falling love with each other.

They are telling their personal story till the midnight and Drink highly with the attraction of love.They lay down and kisses with each other again and again.

Now we can go home, said David.No more today; Dear, please take your vanity beg and seat the car..Come soon …come….

After sometimes they arrive in front of Emma house. Then Emma kisses again before leaving David and go …..

Bye Bye…Good night….

Bye dear, See you tomorrow …….

David enters his room and lay down his bed without dinner. ‎


Emma calling …. Emma calling

Hello, Baby loves you.

Love you too …

what are you doing my baby….

I see you my imagination …

Miss you darling…. kisses with each other and when they slept they cannot remember.

The next morning David take breakfast and excited for Emma that when the meet.

Emma also very excited for David, when he comes and take him a long journey. At last, they meet and hug and kiss and take the decision to long drive.

David drives his car with sitting Emma. They talk to each other and very happy to the longest journey. They arrive a sea beach and near the beach, they rent a hotel for one night.

They are very excited to know the unknown option that they are attracting with each other.

After midnight they come to close with each other and do the physical relationship without any resistance. Now they are known to each other very closely at midnight.




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