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First Day at My School is a Memorable Day and I can not Forget

First Day at My School is a Memorable Day and I can not Forget

“Explore the anticipation, nervousness, and delightful moments of ‘First Day at My School,’ a heartwarming story of new beginnings in the world of childhood. Join this unforgettable adventure today.”

It was a great day for my life to remember my first day at school. I never forget that day because the day brings me a new look and sound mind.I was very happy for the new experience and hope something greater.

When I heard that tomorrow I would go to school then I saw the dream of a new life with very excited. I was very happy and thinking about the school, classmates, and teacher. How are they for me? Are the take me with love? Many of questions are creating in my mind and I was very excited of my worried. And I waited for the day when the sun arises for new events of my life.


That day, I got up early with the sun and looking my mom with a happy moment. My mom took me to ready for school. My mom cooked many of food that is very tasty. After breakfast, I started towards my new school with my father with a cheerful mind.

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When we arrived in the school filed then I more and more excited thinking about my new classmates and teacher. That time we entered a room and my father met a teacher known as the principal. Then we went to another room and collect the form. My father filled it and we entered the Principal’s office again and gave the form to him. I saw that He looked at the form & struck a bell. Calling a peon by Principal took us a room where took my test about Basic of English, Math, and Bangla by a teacher. I was done that very successfully and passed their exam. They were very happy to my solution of the question and they declared I was fit to admit the school.

Then my father entered the Principal’s office and He gave permission for my admission. My father paid my all dues in the office.

first day at school

When I went into the classroom of class one and took my seat on the last bench. I saw all the students were sitting in front of me and they were the discussion with each other. I saw in front my bench a big blackboard on the wall and a decent chair & a table for teachers.

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After sometimes a teacher entered the class and called the attendance. He gave me my roll number and listed my name from his registered book. He met all of us and we met up one each to another. The bell rang and all students rushed out of the classrooms. Some of them played with me. I got my two best friends. They were really good. They met me again and made fun of me. I had a great experience with them.


The school Life is full of new events. It brings a new movement for our practical life and teaches a great part of the world. It is a training ground for us And helps us to be a great man.



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