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First Day At University

First Day At University



My first day at university is a great day that this day I first enter my varsity. I was very excited about the new place, friends, and other staffs. I could not think anything that time and I stood up like as helpless. Students were come and go in front of the Department. I called someone and met him my own self. In a reply, I got my new friend who was a new student of my batch. Then he is close and met others about of the university. His name was Hassan.Then we met others of our classmate and did 2 class of the day. It was the great moment of my life. After finished the class we went a coffee shop and took tea, biscuit and other food of our own choice. We were joking, singing, telling that passing our time normally. I made some friend my first day and we were made a group named ‘Castle’. Then we went to the historical place name “Ahsan Monjil” is situated near the Jagannath University, Dhaka. My friends are always funny and serious any work. In the new place journey, we enjoyed very much.


I think when I got a chance of the public university then I was very happy to saw the admission notice. I was very excited when I admitted the varsity. The next day I went the university and took my form to fill up and bank draft money for admission. The office staffs were so helpful and told me what I could do for admission. I did all work very carefully and admitted and waited for the class notice.

I could not sleep before arriving the university. A university is a place where student gains their life full of knowledge by researching and thinking all the part of the world. So I was trying to my best and increasing my ability.

When informing me class notice, I was ready to go start a class. I wear a formal dress like a simple boy and went to university then met my new classmate and day by day we were the very close friend.

I met me all teacher and staffs cordially and regularly I went near them for knowing the answer of the question. They gave me good idea and advice which is perfects any student for shine in life.

We selected our CR and I was selected vice CR in our class. We made a football team and I was captain of football. I included me boys scout and many cultural programs.

In our leisure time, we were playing guitar, drawing and joining many of social seminars in my first-day school. All of my friends are very professional of any work. They are so helpful and I got them my feelings.

In the seminars, we were got our teacher and senior or junior brother and we made us a family member of the department. The dept chairman gave a short discussion and Welcome all students.

However, the first day at university was a memorable day of my life because the day gives me a new life, new family, new friends and gave me a sound mind.




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