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How Can I Improve In English

How Can I Improve In English



English is an international language and every time it’s needed for good communication in the national or international sector. Now In all the sector, English is a common language. Any types of job English is needed. A person who does not know good English knowledge he will cannot success to get a good job. So in the present time knowing English is most important for of all classes’ people.

I am a student and I cannot know good English. But I am trying my best to learn English. For learning English, I can search internet that how can I improve my English knowledge. I get many suggestions from the internet and take a decision to learn English perfectly.

To develop my English knowledge first I take a plan and then start to practice to follow my plan.

Maximum people avoid English for afraid. But I make me 100% confidence to learn English Because I want to speak in English so I touch English more and more.

People are laughing, joking and say that I am mad but I avoid them and practice myself to improve the language.

I thinking of English knowledge, try to speak in English and writing in is a very big problem to say or write I cannot get the appropriate word. So I try to increase my vocabulary if I will not stop to speak or writing.

I make my room English speaking environment that I learn English easily. I make a good study plan and practice regularly. I keep a notebook that I collect easy or simple word to increase my knowledge. I practice that in 4 ways like as reading, writing, speaking and listening. I discuss every time with my family in English and though some mistake my speaking term is developed. Every day I write something about anything in English and speaking again and again if my pronunciations is not wrong. I make a goal to learn English correctly. ‎

I watching TV English news that increase my listening power and I try to understand what the news says and then I discuss with my family member what the main theme of the news is.

My family keep in the English newspaper that I read regularly and underline the main keyword and collect my small notebook if I read them later.

Every Friday I make a group discussion in my room that is very effective and important that we learn and solve our lacking. In my leisure time, I try to writing something in English. I catch my grammatical mistake and correct my sentence again.

I buy some small storybook that’s word are very simple but very effective to learn English.

I make a group with my friends to discuss the English and every time we speak with each other in a result, we improve our English skills. ‎

In my room in front of my bed, I set up a whiteboard where I have written some of the word that day and when I lay down in my bed I look up my whiteboard and see the word. As a result, the word automatically touches my brain and I make a good revision.

Every day I practice this way and day by day I improve my English knowledge and I speak and write in English very easily.



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