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How Can I Lost My Weight

I Lost My Weight

Are you want to lose your weight?Are you want to a perfect figure?Can anyone looks you unsmart for your extra weight?Can you the frustration of yourself?No problem…If you want to lose your weight, you will follow the below routine.Hope, You will recover and live a happy life.


It is the most important element for losing your weight. It is quite useful to reduce your weight.If you can not drink just water, you will mix some little lemon or cucumber or tomatoes and drink this.This will not add more calories in the mixed, but you can get awesome flavors.You can also vegetable syrup. As it contains not only essential fiber but also there is a significant amount of nutrients present.which is more important as body energy and sodium is also less.

You can take tea without sugar.Green tea makes your body & mind fresh.You must drink one or two glass of water before eating.You will eat less food like ¾, as a result, your weight will lose.

Don’t Eat Fast

Please don’t eat fast.first you set your table naturally.Then take time to eat your food comfortably. Don’t take more food at a time.You can take your food ¾ times a day.As a result, your weight is lost slowly.

 Take Less Sodium

You can take rice very little. keep more vegetable in your food more fruits but don’t make fried foods.

increase amount of fiber which protects your body to fat. Please increase fiber in your food item if you lose your fat soon.

Eat Egg Regularly

Regularly keep egg of your food item and eat.It is very necessary to lose your weight.

Vitamin D

It is more important for your body. In the morning sunshine creates Vitamin D.If you can stand in the yard of sunshine, you will get more help to lose your fat.

Sleeping at Just Time

You can sleep at just time regularly.Regularly you can spend total 7/8 hours for sleep.If you maintain the time you will lose your weight.

Don’t Watch TV with Eating

It is a bad habit and increases your weight that watching TV and take food at the same time.

Add more Vegetables with Meat

If you can add more vegetable with meat you can lose your weight very easily and vegetables help to decrease your fat.

Soup and salad

You must keep Soup and salad in your food item regularly and take this more and more.As a result, you will eat less food and it protects to increase your fat.

Do Physical Exercise Regularly

You can follow a daily routine which included about physical exercise.Every morning you can walk half an hour or jog on the roadside.You can take another exercise like as Belly down, jumping & riding.You can play in the afternoon if possible.

In your office do not use the lift, please arrives your room through walking and go out office through walking. And going home you also walk. as a result, you do a physical exercise and your fat will decreases.

do not take the soft drink cause this increases your fat more and more.


So, if you want a perfect man you can follow this text and live long a happy life.

The End


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