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How Can I Pass My Time at Holiday

How Can I Pass My Time at Holiday



How can I pass my time it is not important to me but how can I enjoy my life to passing time is most important for my life. I am a student and there are many ways to pass my time. I have too many ways to pass my time like that playing, drawing, play guitar, cooking, fishing and so on. In a holiday when I have no work then I can start to search clue to pass my time. First I think and make a plan, what can I do all day. Then I follow my plan and pass my time. ‎

At holiday, first I make my room is clean and arranged my room well decorated. Then I Take a story book then start to read it. I very enjoy entering the history of the story. The book is excited me when something happens in the makes me laughs, cry and emotional. I enjoy to reading and increase my knowledge and then I tell the story of my friends. ‎

I love to watch TV, I watch news, serial and other learning parts. That is why I can know the world.

I help my mother in the kitchen room to make food. I also learn how to cook good food and how to a result my mom is very happy and I pass my time generally.

My father is a school teacher. In the leisure time, he plays with us and teaches everything. We plant many flowers and Medicinal plants in our yard. Every morning and evening I watered them. ‎

Sometimes my family visit to the zoo and historical place. That time we enjoy very much to see the different types of animal and learn about the historical place. That day we take our food in a restaurant. My mother gifts us many things and I am very happy to my mother.

In the afternoon I go to the field and plays football with my friends. We have a group named circle club. We maintain the club of ourselves and pass our time in the club. We are joking, thinking, make the plan. I play guitar with them and someone sings a song. It is the best time to passing time with my friends and I cannot forget the time ever.

I have a camera which my aunt’s gift. All the time it’s with me. When I get a good moment I can flash a photo or video. I take many photos as will be a professional photographer and join much competition. ‎

In the evening I enter my room and seat to my computer. I learn graphic design and editing video, Photoshop. I create many design and logo. I think I work at online. I save my all camera picture and video and give a nice title.

In time I play many computer games like as Prince of Persia, Cadillac’s and Dinosaurs, motorbike and other popular game.

Then I take a new storybook and start to reading.

This way I have passed my time at the holiday.




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