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How Can I Prevent Hair Fall

How Can I Prevent Hair Fall

How Can I Prevent Hair Fall


Hair fall is a big problem of the people. The People whose hairs falling regularly, they cannot think how can prevent their hair fall.

Now some tips are given to protect hair losing.

First, we know that why the hair falling…..

>>> (90-95) % of hair loss for the Genetic problem.

>>>The another enemy of hair is will throw hair.

>>>Sometimes extra fashion like hair coloring, use shampoo is more harmful to hair.

>>>sometimes mental stress also creates pressure on the hair and start hair losing.

>>>Lacking of iron is a problem of hair falling.

>>> See that, your weight loss then you can lose your hair.

>>>Many of diseases are the cause of hair fall.

>>>Do not take much vitamin A or E, then hair falling.

>>>Don’t sleep at the right time you can lose your hair.

>>> During pregnancy time hair may losing.

>>> Due to bacterial or fungal infections cause of Hair loss

>>>if you cannot take care of your hair regularly, you will fall in hair loss.
How Can I Prevent Hair Fall

Onion and garlic

Sulfur is an important element that helps to grow new hair. There is a lot of sulfur in garlic and onion which is very helpful to grow for hair. I mixed the onion juice and mustard oil, then keep it on the head skin for 1or 2 hours. I use this mixed minimum 2 weeks regularly.

Now I make a garlic paste and boil with coconut oil. When the boiled pastes cool I give my head. And try to use it 2/3 times a week.


I Take some potato in a pot and collect juice then it mixed with yolk, some water, one teaspoon of honey. Then I put the mixture my wet hair for more 30 minutes. Then I wash my head and regularly use this process to protect hair losing.

Mehdi leaves

It is so important to use protect hair losing. I am mixed 250gm. mustard oil & 50gm. Mehdi leaves and boiled the mixture till the leaves not crushed. Then I collect the mixed oil and use it on my head.

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Coconut milk

It is also another element to prevent the hair loss. Coconut milk is full of protein, iron, potassium and essential fat. So, It also helps to prevent hair loss and break down hair. Regularly I use it for protecting my hair.

How Can I Prevent Hair Fall
How Can I Prevent Hair Fall

Green Tea

It has an anti-oxidant which helps to increase hair growth strongly. I can use its oil for my hair growth.

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Close Anti Dandruff Shampoo

I cannot use anti-dandruff shampoo because of its very harmful for hair.

So you can try these processes if you fall in Hair losing problem.



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