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How to Take a Good Preparation for the Job

How to Take a Good Preparation for the Job


Every year many students are taking their preparation for exam job. They attend their exam but their result is not good. Why? Because they cannot serious for their study. They read regularly without any planning. They cannot use their time properly. They have no choice or a result they cannot the success in their life.

Some tips for taking a good preparation for the job….…-job-for-the-job


1.Set up mind    2.Target goal    3.make plan    4.Meditation    5.Follow Routine

6. Read Seriously    7.Maintain Time     8. Group Study      9.Revision                                  10.Eat & Sleep in just Time

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1.Set Up Mind:

First, you set up your mind that what can you do? What can you want in your future life?

2.Target Goal:

Target Goal is most important for a student or examines. You must have a goal that you can carry on your life to depend on goal. So, target your goal.

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3.Make Plan

Making plan gives you a speed for success.


When you can depress in your life, then you can go meditation. It makes you free from unnecessary trouble. Regularly you can go meditation for sometimes.

5.Follow Routine

You must make the best routine for your study.…-job-for-the-job

6. Read Seriously

Read your lesson seriously and make some note that you can read your leisure time again.

7.Maintain Time

It is a fact that many students cannot maintain their time. They waste their time in many ways and make a lacking of their preparation. So try to maintain your time.

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8.Group Study

Select some of your close friends for a group study. Group study is the best study for any students. You know any lesson and discuss any problem to solve it easily.

9. Revision

Before sleeping you touch your lesson again and

10. Eat & Sleep in just Time

Eat proper time. You must not read 24 hours. So sleep in just time for refreshes your mind.



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