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Infinity of Love

Infinity of Love

Infinity of Love


Suddenly all things became shuffle. I could not understand how it happened. All of them were destroyed. I could not know that. I am just burning like a cigarette. And I think about you. Thinking about you. What did you do? Why? Asks me. How many dreams with you. All finished. You can break all of your own hand.
Can you remember those golden days? The days were very happy. We were together all the time. We could not have left anyone.
Remember? Those days are great days for us.
I remembered all the past. But you cannot.
Can I know why you forget that time?
You said, that day you cannot good feeling without me. forgot you?
I do not forget.
Love gives us infinite heaven but we cannot catch it the right way. We always miss used it.
Why? Know you?
Regularly you wrote to me a letter, its call you chirkut.
I smile to hear your speech.
Remember, a long time we were passing our time under the tree. We only used to see each other but did not say anything. We were talking our eyes or heart, said about love by both eyes.
Sometimes we mistake something but do you know the mistakes is very unofficial both ours.
We cannot find that and don’t want to know the missing.
When you first coming, you don’t know what happens in the future; but you must know the attraction with someone, can you not find that….
Your silence mode was expressing the mind. You find something better for your life. Then you met us and get some awesome guys.
In a morning you said, Please ….Don’t do this. I will be angry & Kill you. Leave my hand, please; someone coming towards us.
And I am agreeing for that. You finished the chapter very closely.
But you would give your hand first for feelings a great moment. Can you not?
Your writing story was very interesting, not only your drawing attracts me but also I miss your reciting every moment.
Those who can write in such a beautiful manner, I wonder how beautiful he can be!!!
I feel you today very much.
Your gift was very nice and I keep it very carefully. I remember the happy moment of our life.
But why you can go leave me.please said.
The morning wait for you, the moonlit night waits for you, the twilight waits for you, the birds cannot singing, flowers do not bloom, the butterfly doesn’t fly, and all stop because of your absence.
I cannot forget you from my heart and my mind just draws your face in my eyes. What can I do dear?
I can not sleep one night thinking about you.
I will forget you as much as I am, I cannot forget you.
I wake up every night, cannot sleep.
From the heart I am forever, I want to forget you.
A night just a night, want to sleep a little
Can you hear me? If yes, they cannot give me any response.
Why? Why? Why? Why? …..W…..H…..Y…..???


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