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John’s Journey with Alisa


John’s Journey with Alisa



After midnight, John is sitting on a small stone. What will he doing now, what should do? Not understand…

In the right hand, he is smoking and thinking how cans it possible. How can…..

He thinks that it is a trap for him or his group. He thinks how can he escape this trap and how can he save their life. He makes his plan with Alisa a beautiful girl and very expert of hacking.

All mates are gathering with each other. They are passing their time with joking. Around the side calm and quiet.

John takes his decision to go to the place where his enemy waits for his head. In toxicities his blood from his father who is a traveler and…………..

Nothing else John is very strong heart man. He doesn’t care anyone. He knows what happen in the deep into the jungle named Vober Hat…so don’t worry about it.

He was passing his many times with the dangerous expedition in his whole life.

Then he thinks and worries about his group. Because of all the Gang is together with each other for their selfish mind whose can be bad for them.

In the morning John will say to ready to going Vober Hat.

They take their machine with loaded cause every moment death is calling.



This time this place is crowded for a big fair.

People are come to the place to buying their good weapon for terrorist activities.

The enemy is silently working to their plan. John takes the decision to go the place alone, but all the member does not agree with him.

But John disagree this and he makes the plan, so he decided he will go alone. Alisa and others will give him shelter of any problem created by the enemy.

They are ready very soon and wait for the journey…………..

In the next morning, John ready and ride on his motorbike with Alisa.

John, a group leader name Brave Heart.20 up members are included this group. They are very closely related and good discipline, unity and gave up for the group if needed.

They are starting their journey at 6.00 AM and going at high speed through the road to following John bike.


John makes his plan, He knows that a problem created very soon, so he wants to escape the trap and get the credit.


John arrives, near the Vober hat, very carefully and escapes his mouth with
a handkerchief is given by Alisa.

He enters a store and deals his weapon very easily.

After a moment his group comes and they take their weapon quickly and out Vober Hat…

John meets the devil leader strongly and mutual all the problem and sign a strong agreement.

John comes out Vober Hat and together with his team 1 km far.

He is very happy to avoid the war because it starts with blood and blood but cannot bring happiness.

The entire team member is happy with John agreement and they leave the place without facing the problem.

Alisa is coming with John and they see the future dream.



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