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Life is a Grand Cosmic Performance

What Is Life

It means nothing or something. Many answers to depend on different mind. Each person gives the answer of their life experience. How is life’s purpose found? What is perfection or what is satisfaction for life? No meaning……………..

Life is a grand cosmic performance, where organisms intricately evolve, reproduce, and adapt in the dance of existence.

How achieves the dormant of life? Some are not going to this part because life is nothing for them. It’s enough that they are alive. But who’s know really end of life, they are finding the true meanings and they spend more time to knowing the result. But they cannot find one meaning of life. They have known that its meaning is the various process of the different person. ‎

Each person’s meaning is different depending on their own way. Every person lives a happy or unhappy life. Some are the success in life but they think of his past life and feel emptiness. Why? Because Life makes him enthralled for something more. He cannot go out the circle and live for to death.

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An Unexpected Love Story

Infinity of Love


According to the culture, people are behind many things and think they can find meaning the meaning life. But they cannot ever that. Love, success, asset, good relation, happiness are included their life but they feel a deep void that is not to be fulfilled in any way.
In fact, most people do not know their own life-purpose. So they live in waiting for any chance of life. They cannot do anything in their life because the meaning of life is nothing of their life. They cannot succeed in their life but live a long time for waiting for an extra power which will give by God. ‎
They think someone controls them and when they get a chance they fill up their lives. They wait and wait for that for a long time and live a result, they cannot get anything and they cannot control themselves. They cannot any meaning of life and their future is destroyed.

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Dream-How Can I Succeeded In My Life


A person who is a fisherman, Life means nothing to him. Every day he catches fish and sells in the market for money and then take food for his family. Sometimes he dreams if he were an owner of the net and pond then he cannot give any charge for net or pond. This is the meanings that he is happy for his life with his family.
A student who’s meanings of life studies a good result and he gets his fulfillment his life.
Like as businessman, service holder, farmer, others person’s life meanings their own success. But all of them feel they are not filling up their lives. ‎
Every person finds his life purpose and he struggles for that. He cannot wait for extra power.
It is true that what you finding, what are you doing, how can you live that is your life.
And the meanings of your life are different. Because anyone cannot know others life. After success, you think you waste your time but it’s really your life thinking.
Some lacking your life and enjoy you. So you can find your life meanings and try to fulfill your life.



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