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Diet Chart Of Daily Routine

My Diet Chart Of My Daily Routine


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Want to lose weight? Please follow the Diet chart. This chart is for them those who have to reduce weight 10-15 kg. My Diet Chart Of My Daily Routine is help you for a perfect fitness like as slim, healthy and cure of any diseases. So, you can follow this Routine for Diet. 

Following this, you will lose 3-4 kg weight in the month.

At 7.00 am

I take a glass of hot water and mix it with 1 teaspoon of lemon juice and honey then I eat also Jump more than 30 hours. Then I am walking fast in the road or others.

More Tips: Symptoms of Kidney Disease

More Tips: Best Tips for Weight Loss

At 8.00 am

This time I take my breakfast awake in after one hour also take germ fried with vegetables, eggs. I keep up with 1 bowl salad. Like as tomatoes and cucumbers. Must eat breakfast. I never miss eating, because this time missing eating increase weight.

At 10.00 am

It is necessary to eat something because in the morning the amount of food is can Choose 1 guava / 1 orange / 1 apple / 1 set for this time. If you want, you will eat 1 cup of green tea.

At 02.00pm

1 cup rice 1 cup dal +1 piece fish or poultry (except buttermilk) +1 bowl salad. Rice is not more than 1 plate must drink 1 or 2 glass water before eating. This will reduce the eating habits.
If I want to take 1 bowl of vegetables with rice. I must try to fill the stomach in a finished vegetable + salad.You do not forget to take more than 1 cup rice. After a lunch, take 10 minutes to slow down. I do not sleep at noon.

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At 05.00pm

I eat 1 toast 1 cup of green tea / 2 lacs cookies and 1 cup of green tea.

At 07.00pm

I also take some food like as apple, juice or tea.

At 10.00pm

I take my dinner just time at 10.00 pm. I never think that I lose my weight without eating at night. However, in contrast to the opposite.
I must take different food before at morning and night. Don’t wake up at midnight. Sleeping between 11-12 in the night. I must be walking after dinner. If possible I will take some physical exercise and I do not let hunger stomach.




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