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My New Friend

My New Friend



Five years ago, I have got a new friend named Nisa.Nisa was a cute girl. That time we were a good friend.Nisa, they came from Chittagong.

In the morning, I saw a car and a truck arrived in front of our gate. I understood that they were new owner 6th floor flat. Step by step they came out from the car and I was seeing them. They were four members and Father, Mother, Sister, and Brother is called a happy family. They were looking at me and opened the door knock and entered the flat. The workers were entered the flat with furniture. Step by step all the workers get out the flat but no person family comes out. I was eagerly awaited that someone will come in the yard. But no one. ‎

Then I entered our flat and told my Mom about them. My mom said. Good. You will play with them. Hmm, I agree.

Go your room and will finish your home task, said my mom.

Ok, I will do my work, but what can you give me.

Nothing. Read!!!!!

Let’s flat. Will you go with me, said my mom….

I was very happy to hear that. I agree and caught my mom’s hand and ready to that flat.

I touched the calling bell and after a moment they open the door.

My mom gave Salaam and the Owner gave back Salam. Then come to their house.

My mom’s meet the Mr. and Mrs.

Nisa and her brother were playing their room.

They stopped their game because we came. ‎

Hi, I am Nisa…

Hello, I am Neon. How are you?


I am Reza, said Nisa’s brother.

Oh, fine.

Can you play with us?

Of course, why not.

Which flat you live?

In front of your door, said I.

What class do you read in? Class six.

Oh, I am also, Said Nisa.

And I am class three, said Reza.

We were meeting with each other.

Mom was calling me.Then we went, moms.

Then we all met.

We were happy to the meeting.

Then we took some food and came back our home.

Next day morning Nisa came to our house with some food.

We ate the food,

My mom’s happy to saw Nisa.He gave us more food.

Nisa said me, will you my friend!!

I said no, I will not..Nisa minded.

Sorry, Nisa.We are the real friend. I just joke with you.

Ok, we are now friends.

That day I got a new friend who loves me very much and really I got a best friend.

All-time me and Nisa and his brother playing and is going to school.

At the afternoon we were singing, drawing, acting and others game playing.

Day by day we were very close and both families were very happy to get with each other. ‎

I got a haven life to get Nisa. I cannot think a day without Nisa.
Nisa also that.

We were mixed with true love with each other.

Our friendship is real and we cannot forget that.

My new friend Nisa is my Best friend.




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