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Social Fact!!! What Can We Do!!!

Social Fact!!! What Can We Do!!!


We are the man, Social organisms. To live in society, we have to follow some rules. These rules lead us to the right path. And we follow the rules for our beautiful life.

 But sometimes we forget that we are the man, social organisms. We behave like animals. We forget humanity. We think, what will be there, broke little rules, what will harm?

Just one think change our humanity. We can not dream how much we will harmful for our society, country. We think positive but do negative. It is a fact that our mind is not perfect for the social sector. We can not think how a beautiful society we make!!! We just think for badness.

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Some questions are comes out of our thinking that If I would like to be good, what’ll happen? Others are not good at all. There is no change in the country, Society is not going to be good, and Corruption is not stopped in the country?
Have you ever been thinking? Everyone would have thought that then any fault in the world would not have stopped? Is there something good that happens in a day for which people have to sacrifice for something? If every man thought about this, then would there be any man left in the world who is not interested in moneylenders, bribery, serials, and smokers? In such a society, could you have survived for a long time in the country? I think you cannot ever think.


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Another thing is that you are always comparing yourself with all those interest rates, bribery, serials. Think, you are not comparing yourself to the good people of the society. ‎
There may be a lot of bad people around you. Why you take them as your model? Why you can not take the model as good people those who are doing well in society. now you can say If there is no interest, then no work is done in our country. No good service is available without a bribe. If you do not have much corruption, then you cannot rise above.
If we want to do anything in our country, we have to do some wrong. If you want to be honest, you can do it. You can honestly improve your progress. You do not have to go to the bad way for the win.
You never think that all class of people progress their life in the wrong way. Some progress their life in the right way. You must think the second option that The Honest way You can stay good.
So always be positive thinking that brings happiness for all.



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