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The Best Day of My Life ‎

The Best Day of My Life   The Best Day of My Life” is a heartfelt reflection on a significant moment that encapsulates joy, love, and personal growth, illustrating how happiness can be found in both extraordinary and everyday experiences. Every person has a great day of their life. They …

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Infinity of Love

Infinity of Love   Suddenly all things became shuffle. I could not understand how it happened. All of them were destroyed. I could not know that. I am just burning like a cigarette. And I think about you. Thinking about you. What did you do? Why? Asks me. How many …

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Why Girls are Attracted to Bad Boys…cted-to-bad-boys/ ‎

Girls are Attracted to Bad Boys  The worst boy of the college has also done more than three loves till now. I did not have a love even if I was a good student. So is the price of bad boys for girls? Is there no price of good boys? These …

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My New Friend ‎

My New Friend     Five years ago, I have got a new friend named Nisa.Nisa was a cute girl. That time we were a good friend.Nisa, they came from Chittagong. In the morning, I saw a car and a truck arrived in front of our gate. I understood that …

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Train Journey

Train Journey     Every journey is always the pleasure. It brings a lot of fun and gives a happy moment all time. In a leisure time, anyone can take a good decision to have a good journey in a sound mind. I have a great experience with the train …

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John’s Journey with Alisa

  John’s Journey with Alisa     After midnight, John is sitting on a small stone. What will he doing now, what should do? Not understand… In the right hand, he is smoking and thinking how cans it possible. How can….. He thinks that it is a trap for him …

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