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Love || The Best Relationship All Over The World ‎

Love!!! The Best Relationship All Over The World Love is a passion that’s why we like some of us. Give love to others from own heart is called love. Love is like a cigarette, which is the result of burnt ashes. Many people like to see someone say, ‘I love …

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Room No 42 || Where I Passed My Hostel Life

Room No 42 || Where I Passed My Hostel Life Welcome to the captivating world of ‘Passed My Hostel Life.’ In this heartfelt journey through hostel living, we’ll delve into the cherished memories, newfound friendships, and personal growth that define the essence of this unique experience. Join us as we …

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A Real Life Story in The World

A Real Life Story-In The World “You’ve gotta dance like there’s nobody watching, Love like you’ll never be hurt, Sing like there’s nobody listening, And live like it’s heaven on earth.”  ― William W. Purkey   In the morning, Mahfuzar comes to my home. He said, that something is wrong. What …

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The Darkness of Education ‎

The Darkness of Education In The World Education is the backbone of a nation. If a countryman is not educated, they will not progress in their life. If a countryman 100% educated then the country is developed 100% success. The Darkness of Education In The World is most important for any state …

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An Unexpected Love Story ‎

An Unexpected Love Story    At midnight I am standing on the balcony with a cigarette. Every day I stand there and see the sky. This day is different for me. because today I married a girl. She is waiting for me at my room. Today our house is surrounded …

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The Best Day of My Life ‎

The Best Day of My Life   The Best Day of My Life” is a heartfelt reflection on a significant moment that encapsulates joy, love, and personal growth, illustrating how happiness can be found in both extraordinary and everyday experiences. Every person has a great day of their life. They …

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Infinity of Love

Infinity of Love   Suddenly all things became shuffle. I could not understand how it happened. All of them were destroyed. I could not know that. I am just burning like a cigarette. And I think about you. Thinking about you. What did you do? Why? Asks me. How many …

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Why Girls are Attracted to Bad Boys…cted-to-bad-boys/ ‎

Girls are Attracted to Bad Boys  The worst boy of the college has also done more than three loves till now. I did not have a love even if I was a good student. So is the price of bad boys for girls? Is there no price of good boys? These …

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At Mid Night Love ‎

At Mid Night Love “At Midnight Love, the clock strikes a poetic hour of passion and enchantment. In the embrace of the moon’s tender light, At Midnight Love, hearts entwine, stories are written, and connections deepen. Join us on a journey where At Midnight Love is not just a moment; …

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First Love of William

First Love of William     William and Sophia were two close friends in the Xxx School. They were very close that they were can’t live alone a moment. Every time they felt one each other. They were passing their time all time without sleeping time. Many dreams were flying …

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