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The Best Day of My Life

The Best Day of My Life


The Best Day of My Life” is a heartfelt reflection on a significant moment that encapsulates joy, love, and personal growth, illustrating how happiness can be found in both extraordinary and everyday experiences.
Every person has a great day of their life. They remember the day and feel the happiness of the day. They enjoy remembering the day because it brings them a cheerful mind. They cannot forget the day because they know that time not come regularly of their life. So every year they celebrate the day with greatly.
I am the person and I have a good day in my life. The day is my best day in my life. When I become lone the day comes in front of my eye and I think the day and smiling myself. ‎ ‎
Suddenly, at 8.00 pm my friends were calling me that they would go a journey in Sylhet. They called to be ready for the journey. I was very happy because I love journey and adventure very much and I ready to myself to going the journey. After one hour later we met at Kamalapur railway station.
All my friends are ready with their necessary things. Do I want to know that where we go? In a reply, they said its top secret. When we arrive the place you know that.
Someone collected the ticket and we waited for the train. That time we took our necessary things like as drinking water, some 10.00pm we heard a whistle and took our seat on the platform of the train. The train was running and we were enjoying ourselves. After a sometimes later the train stopped one after the other station and at 5.00am we arrived the last point of the journey place.
Wow, it was Sylhet railway station. I was confirmed and they were laughing to hear that. Then after freshens, we took our breakfast & rent a CNG for going in tourist place at Bisnakandi. When the CNG started that we saw scenery of the Sylhet.
We visited the Hazrat Shah Paran Majar and Shah Jalal University of Science and Technology (SUST) and after 4 hours later we arrived beside the Bisnakandi. Then we started to walk and crossed a small Khal & more half an hour later we got the place.
Wow. It was a very nice place. I was very astonished to see the place and we were all very excited to feel the fantastic scenery of Bisnakandi. Bisnakandi is like a small lake full of Aston. We see that very far the water comes and going through a vast channel. The water is very cold. We were walking the running to the water.
We wet the water and joking with water. We take the picture everywhere. We see the very far where from comes water that is the point that very nice. If I have to the place then it’s so very pleasant to us. But the place is outside of our country. Then we are enjoying ourselves so much and make a great journey that never forgets.
After one hour later we came back in the yard of Bisnakandi and changed our clothes. Then we took some food and rested.
In the review Bisnakandi is a place where people get much more fun and its scenery also awesome. Anyone love this place.



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