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The Corruption I Saw My Life


The Corruption-I Saw My Life



Today Where the common sense? Where the man’s humanity? What’s happening in our life? Just corruption or corruption. All the time Corruption is surrounded by us. We cannot move from it.Where we go, corruption is active to our life and lives. Now corruption is a big problem that cannot be devolved our country or man’s humanity. It obstacle all the development not only our country but also the world.

Corruption, it is a miss used of some low by some bad or dishonest people. Because of the greedy people do not agree to develop the country. They want to be the owner of the big assets. And they work for the system loss and think how will be the rich man. And he creates the corruption. People forget their humanity as they do any work for the punch, they have no sense that they do corruption. They involved their many bad works and earn a lot, but it is known by them that money cannot bring happiness to his life.

The limit of corruption scope is highly impacting of our country that we cannot mention it just one word. A country development depends on the economic sector. It mixed our blood that we cannot divide from us without a long-term process. Every moment many issues create and it increases like as population growth. A country all the work depend on its economic sector. It is an obstacle the country will be corrupted. People are fall in corruption or create it for political power or economic development. Start from the social sector to national sector it effect of all whole classes of people. Anyone is not escaping his life from the corruption easily. If people or serviceman are miss used their low that is creates the problem of our whole life. Every moment we are suffering from this problem. Those of the high class are not facing the problem but the middle or low-class family are suffering much from the miss used of all the laws or corruption.


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Any country in the world which is a country that full of corruption. Every sector people are breaking the law or they have no honesty. Now many of the corrupted country and day by day it increases and destroys our economic or social sector. In our country, in the banking sector, industry, gasoline, institute, import or export or other all the sector are full of corruption. Day by day it crosses its limit and the country becomes lost his image in the world.

How can we improve the corruption? It is thinking we get the solution that first, we take the decision that we will be honest and lead a peaceful life, we obey the movement rules, maintain ours in the right way.



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Some of the solution to protect the corruption

  • >>>Must be select honest people every sector
  • >>>Regularly give tax to continue the economic
  • >>>Create strong low for protecting the corruption
  • >>>Call a meeting every village, town or other places
  • >>>Describe of the bad motives of corruption
  • >>>Take the proper step to protect by Govt.
  • >>>Govt. should take proper step to protect the Corruption.





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