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The Darkness of Education

The Darkness of Education In The World

Education is the backbone of a nation. If a countryman is not educated, they will not progress in their life. If a countryman 100% educated then the country is developed 100% success. The Darkness of Education In The World is most important for any state for developed any country  in the world.

I think the illiterate person cannot get success for himself and the country not developed. They live like as an evil of the nation. ‎


So, I think every people passed at least primary education. In the Dhaka city, there are many people are live in the slum, roadside or the other places. They are not educated, they are illiterate. They are working garments, factory, bus helper, Tokay and other low-income people. When we searching the uneducated people then we get more than low classes people of Dhaka city are illiterate. They have no basic knowledge of education.
We ask someone, why he does not go School. In a reply, we get that he is working for money to serve his family. If he goes to school he cannot serve his family. So he works for others helper. Most of the child of Dhaka city are involve low-income occupation for food. In Bangladesh, we know that maximum peoples are illiterate and don’t send their child to school. As a result, Day by day increasing illiterate person. We find many of child and make a list for the education. We manage the guardian that every child needs proper education for their life that they can shine in future. ‎

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We are the student of a public or private university, thinking about the illiterate people and their child who want to go school but cannot go for financial problem. We take some step to teach them at least primary level. We want to remove illiterate people as soon as possible. So we start our work for this project that everyday morning and evening they are come to learn at our childcare for the primary education.
We manage all the term like as their book, pen, clothes, and other necessary instruments. Every day each student gets 20 takas for coming learning. We make some group of the child for batch and teach them part to part.
Day by day we get the more uneducated child. And teach them the same way. We hope that the next term we do not get the illiterate person. Our main goal of the country is all the people will be educated and bear a bright life.
We know that only educated people are the success in life and help to progress the country. For education purpose, we apply more institute for the education that a day comes we get 100% people are educated. Those help to progress all the sector and developed country. ‎


When we get the totally educated person then all the darkness is removed and the sun is coming for the new mode.




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