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The Story of a Letter

The Story of a Letter


Dear A,

At first, take my cordial love. I Hope you are all by the grace of Almighty God. A few days ago I received your letter. In this letter, you wanted to know about my country.
You wrote me about your study and hobby. And said, you are very excited about my country Bangladesh. You want that I will tell you about Bangladesh. You are very interested to know my I try to give a small description about my country.
My country name is Bangladesh (People’s Republic of Bangladesh). After 9 months bloody war we got our independence against by Pakistan.30 lacks people have sacrificed their lives in this war. Now it is an independent country and we live independently.
Our country is located in the south-east part of Asia. It surrounded by India and the south side Bay of Bengal.
Dhaka is the capital of Bangladesh. It has now near 17 core population and the total country land area is 147570 square km’s.
80% people are Muslims and others 20% Hindus, Buddhist, Christian and others religious people live here. All of them have a great communication.
The common language is Bangla which gains 1952 called International language. And every year celebrate the day with respect. Some heroes were like Salaam, Rafiq, Borkot, and others are sacrificed for the language of Bangla. The second language English.
The Story of a Letter
There are many famous people like as Sheikh Mujibur Rahman who is the father of the nation.
Others are poets, artists like as Samsur Rahman, Jasim Uddin, Kazi Nazrul Islam and Mc. Madhushudhan. The main artists are Rafiqun Nabi, Jainul Abedin, Hashem Khan and Kamrul Hasan.
There are many famous or historical places in our country. St. Martin Island, the Ruins of Buddhist-Bihar, Cox’s Bazar Sea Beach, Kua kata, the Sundarbans, Bagherhat Shat Gambuj Mosque, Paharpur (Moinamoti), Ahsan Manzil and so many. Many others place that you will not see you cannot believe that. You will very enjoy the place because those places are most attractive.
The most common food is dal and fish with rice. For the reason, we are known as Bangla of fish & rice. There are also many items foods are making here like as cakes, Hotchpotch, bread, sweetmeats etc.
Men wear pajama, lounge, pants-shirt, Panjabi etc. and Women mainly wear salwar kameez & saree.sometimes we have used to our traditional clothes.
We celebrate various traditional festivals like as Pahela Baishakh, EID UL AZHA and EID UL FITAR, Durga Puja, Buddist Purnima, Christmas and so many others festivals.
The main occupation of our country people’s is agriculture. Others are job holders, businessman, artists, engineers, potters, doctors, weavers, fishermen etc. serviceman and many other professional men are live here.They also greatly contribute national economic growth.
Bangladesh is a country that full of small or big rivers. The main rivers are the Padma, Meghna, Jamuna, and Brahmaputra. All rivers are mixed in the bay of Bengal.
Bangladesh is naturally an agriculture land. We plant many types of crops like as Tea, Cotton, Jute, Fruit, Rice, Sugarcane etc.
The Story of a Letter
The Story of a Letter
Bangladesh is a beautiful country. Everywhere you can see its beauty. just green everywhere .where there you go of Bangladesh, you will see the natural scenery of the country. If you can see the beauty of Bangladesh you cannot forget our country.
You can see the Royal Bengal Tiger that is the country’s national beast. Hadudu is our national game.Doyel is the national bird. The national flower is national fruit is Jackfruit. At least it is a beautiful country. I feel very proud to be born in Bangladesh.
No more today, I write you very shortly and finished here.Give my Salam to your parents, love to the Youngers. And please visit our country for enjoying its beauty.

Your Friends




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