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Today I Still Dream About You

Today I Still Dream About You



In the evening Russo comes out of the house and walking to the street. He is going to the mountain park where he and Ella first met.

Russo is thinking that how to easily change all the things. Someday ago they were coming to the place & were sitting as well close and bought nutshell was singing a love song and they were joking One after the other. They were laughing and banter with is other. Russo was deeply thinking that and absently he was walking…………………








Russo and Ella were two classmates then best friend and they were loved with each other.
Last week Ella wanted to some gift and merry with him. But Russo could not agree for that.

Ella: can you give me the nice dress?
Yea, I give, said, Russo.
Can you live with my whole life?
Of course. Because I love you.
Can you marry me?
Oh no, it is not the perfect time to marry you dearly.
Let’s go a journey, please……
No this time not. Next week the campus will be closed then we select the journey…
Now stand up and let’s go a restaurant.
Ok, said Ella.

Then they went out the after eating. They were walking towards their own home.

At midnight Ella gets a call by Smith. Smith is her classmate. Smith is also a smart guy.Every girls follow him with her smartness.

Smith said you are so pretty. Thanks reply Ella.

While you laugh you will look very beautiful. OH, no more joking smith.

No, it’s not joking, really you are looking nice.

Can we meet tomorrow? No Smith. I have work.

Please, Ella. Tomorrow I will go to market for some shopping, please don’t tell no…You can choose my dress. Ok, I agree but what are you give me?

As your wish. Really. Yea……..

But I cannot pass more time with you. Ok

Next day Ella waiting for Smith. She calls Smith and Smith are very happy to get the call from Ella.

He cannot think Ella is a loose heart. He cannot think that he will get Ella very easy.

Ella, this morning you call me? We will go shop at evening.

No, Smith, I will go now…..Ok baby….

As soon as possible I will go in front of your home. Then shopping place.

After half an hour later Smith comes and they will go to the shopping.

Russo calls again and again Ella. But Ella, not answers. After sometime later Russo confirm that Ella’s phone switched off. Now Ella is Weak for Smith loves. Smith takes her in the shopping mall and buys much dress for Ella. Ella is very happy and forgets that his lover at present; she is given time another person.

Smith is happy to his trap and Ella is trapped.

Smith, Ella I love you. Can you love me…..

Smiling Ella.

Can we take our dinner? Yea.


This is way Ella and Smith make a new relationship.

On the other hand, Russo understands all the matter and he thinks his pass time and Frustration consumed him.Last 4 year they live with each other.No problem.But Now what happens that Ella leaves him. Think, think and think Russo…………

Walking alone on the road he is talking about himself……..



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