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Traffic Jam Loss Valuable Time

Traffic Jam Loss my Valuable Time


“Time and Tide Wait for None”

This is absolutely correct in my life. When I passed my HSc exam and then prepared for university admission and I went to Dhaka. I stayed my elder brother flat. My exam was the next day and I prepared myself for the exam.”Discover the hidden costs of traffic jams as we explore ‘Traffic Jam Loss Valuable Time,’ shedding light on the impact of congestion on your daily schedule.”

My exam hold on Friday 10.00 is at Jatrabari.In the morning I was ready for attending the exam hall. That day I had two exams, Morning and Afternoon of DU and JnU.So I was ready and got out from my home from Mirpur 14 at 6.30 AM.I was walking the thin road for going bus stand. After sometimes I arrived at the bus station. Then I bought a ticket from Mirpur 14 to Jatra Bari. ‎

Was I very excited for the exam cause I thought can I arrives just time? I took my seat and after 5 minutes the bus starts. I saw this morning many students came to the exam. The bus was running. I took my revision again and again. The bus stop at Mirpur 10.some of people enters the bus and some were out.

I thought can I arrive just time? Not sure. Because after 5 minutes I got traffic jam.that was very bad for me.bus was going on the fast but I thought it was not enough to arrive my location in right time. Time went and go fast and now 8.00 am.Then I could not arrives farm gate.When I arrived in Farmgate then time was 8.30 am.I was very upset for my exam that was very important every admission examinee.

The bus stoppage of Farmgate passengers was out and in in the bus then the full of the bus was going again. I crossed the Bangla motor flyover and felt in a big jam in Shahbag corner. Then I asked myself can I attend the exam and prayed for God if I arrive in just time.

The bus started again and stop again in Shahbag station and the same to passenger out and in and the bus was running to Gulistan.I saw the time again and again. Time was cross 9.00 am. And I was so upset and prayed.

The bus crossed the Polton and 0 points and arrived at Gulistan at 9.30 am.When I get down from the bus and went to Gulistan to Jatra Barri bus. I rode a Jatra Barri bus and waited for the exam place. ‎

Again I saw the bus stop because of jam.and I thought that day I cannot attend the exam. Then I hoped…..

The bus was running and I crossed the Moti-jhil and after sometimes later I arrived Jatra Barri when the time 10.00 crossed.I was crying for my exam that I could not be passed my exam if I attend the exam half an hours later then I wanted to attend the 10.20 am bus was arrived at Jatra Barri. Then I took a rickshaw and went to the Jatra Barri high school where my exam hall. Then I attended my exam 35 minutes later out of 1.20 hours. After finished I out the hall.

What could I do? I was just crying and set up my mind to ready for the next exam.

So traffic jam is a common problem for us and it takes our valuable time.Govt. Should take proper step to solve this problem.




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