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Train Journey

Train Journey



Every journey is always the pleasure. It brings a lot of fun and gives a happy moment all time. In a leisure time, anyone can take a good decision to have a good journey in a sound mind.

I have a great experience with the train journey from Dhaka to Khulna. When I took the decision to go a tour then I could not set up my mind that where and how I will go. I could not select the place that time but I surely took the decision to go to the journey.

No fixed date that I took the decision of train journey anywhere. Suddenly I took my beg & money and out home for the journey.

In the morning I arrived in the kamlapur railway station, Dhaka and stand up in line for the ticket. But then I don’t know the place where I will go. So I was very excited for the short time journey. I forgot my breakfast. In the ticket counter, I said where the train goes this time, in a reply I got the location that the train will go from Dhaka to Khulna at 6.30 am. Then I bought my ticket and wait for the train sitting beside the station.

That free time I visited the station. The Very beautiful place that is very charming to me. The rail lines are quite going through a fixed meter and I saw many rail lines were combining in one line that was fantastic for me.

In time I took some breakfast and saw the people who were same to me for waiting for the train. Then I took drinking water bottle and some food for future used to stay the train.

At 6.15 am, in front of me from Dhaka to Khulna train come and I searched my seat to enter the train’s Boggy. I got my seat beside the left window and took the seat with happiness and kept my beg thoroughly. I would be got a new life from the journey that was given me heaven love.

In the fixed time the train started and when the whistle and flag down the train were running.

It was a great journey when the train running and I was excited to saw under the train by the window that is I cannot explain with one word.

The train went through the line and out of the station smoothly. I saw the outside of the line that the city was very beautiful and nice that I ever not seen. Beside the road, building, slum house and the people that I leave them backward and the training step by step speedy.

When we leave the Dhaka city then I got the 100% freshness to mutual the environment that was very sound. And I hope any patients if go to the journey the environment keep his cure.

After a moment I crossed the Tangail and next crossed the Jamuna bridge which is 110 km longest and when the train crossed it slowly I saw the bridge very nearly and took some photo that is awesome. The water and the deep water and the far of the river really very nice that I was attracted to the beauty of the journey.

After crossing the bridge the train speed was high and high and felt awesome in my heart because I saw the nature beside the running train. People, tree, house, road stall, scenery and other objectives were back and back from me though it was real and all the beauty is attracting anyone.

The train stopped some station and I took some picture and took again seat with food. Awesome!!!!!

When 6 hours passed I could not know. The journey was so attractive and emotional that could not understand when I arrived Khulna station.

Then I took rest and take food and ready for came back Dhaka.

It was really a great journey for me. I remember it in my heart and soul. So, if you get time or not get please visit for a sound mind and freshness.

No doubt it was a memorial day in my life.




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