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When I am Alone at Home

When I am Alone at Home



It is very important to me that when I live alone in my home then I think how I can pass my time. I think and think and set up my mind to make a decision to pass my time. If I live my room lonely as long time, I make a plan to maintain every day that what I can do. ‎

Firstly I make that I have to cook for eat. For cooking, I check our freeze. This is full of vegetables, meat, fish and others food. I think it is not bad for me to cooking. I select the menu for cooking. I will cook fish with potato’s soup and Potato beetle. So I start for cooking. All the necessary things like as Spice, onion, Pepper that I ready for cooking. Then I ignite the oven and step by step do the work. After half an hour later the food is ready. Then I take rest for a moment. Cooking is so painting that I think my mom how to cooking many of food for us. I understand that I must help my mother for cooking. Then I take me food for eating and after the finish, I clean that and keep the fixed place.

Secondly, I seat to my computer to checking email. I check my online earning id.i work some work by given my buyer and bid to the new order for earning more. I open my YouTube channel and see viewers, followers, likes, and comments. Then I watching YouTube songs and sometimes later I read the newspaper online. Then I open my Facebook and chatting with my friends. I also post something good on my Facebook page and group. Then I shut down my computer. ‎

Third, I think, I need to make some video for my YouTube I think strongly what can I make new that people are more attractive my video. I think I make a small car for kids because kids are watching the simpler mini car that is very attractive for them. So I take my camera and other tools like the battery, funicle, and mortar. I set up my camera in the right place and starting to make the mini car for kids. After one hour later I make the car and do my video very carefully. Then I transfer the video from the camera to computer for editing the video. I am a good video editor so I edit the video for more attractive for kids and published my YouTube channel with good tags. After 2 hours later I see that the video is watching 500 times and get more likes and comments. I am very happy to see that because I am the success for making the video. ‎


Fourth, I take a good rest and take my lunch. Then I take my storybook and read the story with good feelings. When I am sleeping I cannot know. After waking me freshest and go to the lake beside my home and walking the lakeside. I see the beautiful scenery of the lake and come back my home.

Fifth, I read to myself my class lecture then I seat to my computer and watching an English movie. After finishing the movie I take my dinner. I feel tired and I take a storybook and lay down my bed for reading. Then I am sleeping. ‎

Every day I work my plan and the time how can pass I do not know.

This is the way, my plan is helping me to pass my lonely time and I am very happy for my lonely life.




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